Enable Busoga is a UK based Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) formed in 2014. Busoga is a region of Southern Uganda whose main town is Jinja where the mighty river Nile has its source. Most people live in rural areas where there is much poverty. Enable Busoga has grown out of a long and close link between Shirley Parish Church Southampton and Bupadhengo church in Busoga. As its name suggests, Enable Busoga exists to help people help themselves through the transfer of expertise, equipment and finance. Through partnership with Ugandan friends and colleagues we are active in education, business and in areas of health provision often overlooked by other agencies.

Our Foundation

As a Christian organisation we look to the Bible for inspiration. The writer of Psalm 82 instructs the people to:

Defend the weak and the fatherless; uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. Rescue the weak and the needy

It is the calling of Enable Busoga to love, care and empower the vulnerable and marginalised. We work closely with and support our many friends and partners in the Anglican church of Uganda as they seek to do the same.

There are 3 distinct areas of work carried out within the Enable Busoga Charity

  1. The Barbara Project - enabling disabled children in Busoga. This work is carried out through partnership with Family Life Education Program (FLEP) - a Ugandan Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO). This project has enabled the setting up of a service to improve the lives of disabled children in remote village locations.
  2. Enabling School improvements in Busoga. Funds have been raised to complete building work for staff accommodation, school classrooms, school books and water sources in order to improve the standards of village schools. Funding for this work is largely carried out from UK. Construction work is usually carried out by a third party organisation the Henry Van-Straubenzie Memorial Fund (HVSMF). Occasional visits are made to schools in Busoga by visitors from the UK.
  3. Enabling the development of small businesses within Busoga. Investment from the UK has been made into businesses: growing and drying local fruit; growing and planting trees; charging mobile phones and powering barber shops from solar panels. Also we have had the opportunity to work with a new partner in Beni, DRC providing finance for women to start-up small businesses.

Our Programmes

School Improvements

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Small Business Development

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The Barbara Project

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