PAMENAS Foundation

The PAMENAS Foundation was set up by Gerald Naguyo in memory of his father Paul who was vicar of Bupadhengo Parish for many years and who sadly died in 2020. EB has provided some funding for PAMENAS to get up and running. The vision is to ‘support pregnant teenagers and reach out to the impoverished elderly people’. One means of doing this is through skilling programs. Please read Gerald’s recent report on one such program the foundation has undertaken with girls in school.

A report by the Country Director about the current status of PAMENAS FOUNDATION Uganda

Skilling a Girl Child.

The foundation with support from its funders in Southampton and EnableBusoga, held a one day life-skilling workshop in Mayuge on 28/05/2022.

The purpose of the workshop was to skill girls in making reusable sanitary pads. This followed the high cost of living, the prices of all items which skyrocketed leaving with no option during their monthly periods but to use pieces of clothes and cotton. This leaves them with infections and diseases. Some even said, “We leave school for those days when we are in periods for fear of being laughed at by boys,”

Another girl, Musekwa Moureen, said she dropped out of school because children nicknamed her “Big breasts” and many called her “mother”. Others dodge School during their “red days”.

Therefore, the foundation sought it wise to hold a camp for such unprivileged girls. Here, a skilled young girl of their age was invited to speak to them and give them hope.

Many girls learnt how to locally make sanitary pads using locally available resources. Those who had a little money promised to make many items which would be sold to their peers at a low cost compared to the industrial pads. However, since some materials like a cotton cloth needs to be bought, some feared that they would still fail to make it.

The current price of a sanitary pad pack is 3500 Ugandan shillings. This can work for one month. This means that for each month, a girl must use a minimum of approximately 1 US dollar yet many families cannot afford such.

The Foundation therefore wishes to hold yet another camp in Kamuli during the holidays of Second Term, (August2022). However, we are still challenged with transport means. We call upon for any assistance to facilitate the transport means.

We cannot fail to appreciate the tireless effort of our partners Led by Andy Taylor and St.James Church. Thank you very much.


(Country Director).