EB Plants Trees

With funding from Climate Stewards, EB has partnered with Transcending Hope Uganda (THU) to plant a variety of tree seedlings across multiple sites in rural Busoga. THU representatives visited a number of churches in two parishes in Bugiri district between October 2021 and January 2022 gaining agreement from the leadership to take part in the programme along with the willingness of the communities to assist with the planting and nurturing of the trees. Between January and March 2022, 25 acres of land was identified and made ready for planting. During April and May 2022, some 6,500 seedlings were planted by the communities much of this on land that will also support food crops such as beans, ground nuts, peas and maize. As the trees grow, they will provide much needed shade for the crops. In later years, some of the trees will be harvested (thinned) with the wood providing an additional income for the communities. It is estimated that more than 4,000 people will benefit directly or indirectly from this programme.

Tree Seedlings being selected from the nursery.

Seedlings being counted before planting.

Holes for seedlings being dug amongst food crops and appropriately spaced so that the growing trees will provide shade and allow intercropping.

As the trees grow they will sequester carbon from the atmosphere, storing it in the ground and in the wood. This process will allow Climate Stewards to sell the carbon as part of their offsetting programme. This will more than cover the funding that they have provided for the seedling purchase and planting along with the nurturing and monitoring costs as they grow into trees.